When I first arrived in Japan over three decades ago with little more than £50 pounds in my wallet, I began teaching English lessons over the kitchen table in my Tokyo-based flat. At the time, I had no idea how much those humble beginnings would evolve. The at-home lessons soon flourished into over 200 proper schools around Japan.

Today, The Saxoncourt Group has expanded to include schools in Algeria, China, Indonesia, Japan, Poland, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, two international schools in the United Kingdom, a publishing company, and teacher training and recruitment services. For over thirty-five years, this growth has established Saxoncourt as a pioneer in the education industry. But while I am proud of our group’s achievements, I am always mindful of where we began.

Those English lessons remain the hallmark of The Saxoncourt Group and embody what we belShane Lipscombeieve in. Education is one of our most valuable resources because it is an investment in people. Education, more so than any other public good, directly serves to improve a person’s professional and social footing. From this belief comes greater public knowledge, cultural understanding and a global sense of duty.

Globalisation goes hand-in-hand with education and The Saxoncourt Group strives to facilitate it at every measure. Whether it is a study abroad program, foreign language instruction or business English courses, The Saxoncourt Group has tried-and-tested educational resources to meet these demands.

We are The Saxoncourt Group- we are innovators in education.

Shane Lipscombe

Founder, The Saxoncourt Group