The brand ‘Shane English School’ has been established for almost 40 years, with 300 schools across Asia and Europe. Success in running International All-day Kindergarten Franchises and General English School Franchises is based on the key tenets of quality native speaking teachers and quality teaching systems. Shane English School is one of the leading English language school brands in the world. The rapidly expanding group is always looking for franchisees worldwide.

The long-standing success in the franchising of this English language teaching product is due to the following key factors:

  1. A great educational product and established business model which have proven to be easily transferable to any country.
  2. A support service from the Saxoncourt Group that provides all of the key services required by the franchise.
  3. Well-trusted international school brand.
  4. High profit potential, fast returns on investment.
  5. Full teacher recruitment service.
  6. 100% professionally qualified native English speaking teachers.
  7. Exclusive in-house teaching materials, young learner tests.
  8. Fully-designed and integrated English curriculum.
  9. Complete business operations systems in marketing, sales, administration, teacher training and recruitment.


Shane English Schools Worldwide